Navigating and Thriving in the “Cookie-Less Future”

It’s time for marketers to adapt their digital tactics to the new normal. Third-party cookies are being phased out across major browsers, and we’re seeing the adoption of new privacy and tracking requirements move into place. While this presents challenges for those reliant on offsite user tracking, it also opens new opportunities to build close, trusted relationships directly with consumers.

Watch Chuck Tullis, SVP of Key Growth Channels for International & Private Brands at Utz Brands, and Quotient’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt Krepsik, as they discuss the realities (and misconceptions) of the “Cookie-pocalypse,” as well as how to not just survive but truly thrive in this new, more transparent digital world.

During this webinar session, they covered:

  • The changing advertising landscape: who will be impacted and who is best positioned to thrive
  • Behavioral data and the types of insights it can provide
  • The value of direct relationships with consumers for a new era of performance marketing
  • Actionable tactics and strategies advertisers can enable now to set themselves up for success